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For more than 50 years central® strapping tools have been standing for quality, simple handling and reliability. 

We have made it to our task to consolidate and improve their quality standard further. This procedure has a determining influence on all sectors of the strapping tool generation from the construction via production to the distribution of our products. It is real quality “Made in Germany”.

We produce strapping equipment as well as supplemental accessories for processing steel, plastic, textile, and composite strap permitting any user to find the most suitable tool for the packaging and shipment securing jobs.

central® strapping tools and accessories are distributed worldwide through professional dealers, which also offer the needed consumables and additional packaging materials. Additionally our respective premium partners take over the local service.

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Combi PP

The well-proven manual tensioning and sealing tool for PP strap.
With the very easy to use combined tool any bundling of packages is easiest possible.
In all fields goods are to be secured cost effectively and efficiently the few operating elements and the ideal center of gravity constitute it to an allrounder.
The robustness allows optimal tensioning. The reliable closing of the seals is ergonomically integrated into the operation as well as the tension-free cutting off the loose strap end.

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Cirkeo ST

The combined tensioning and sealing tool for circular bundling with steel strap.
This circular strapping tool allows easiest bundling of packages that have no or only a small contact face and therefore cannot be bundled unproblematically with conventional strapping systems.
It is an all-rounder. It tensions the steel strap, closes the seal with a single notch joint and thereby cuts off the loose end of the strap.
No additional tools are required as commonly used on round bundling.

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PneumoLash LCV

The pneumatic tensioning tool for load securing strap up to 50 mm width.
By optimally pre-tensioning of the utilized one-way lashing PneumoLash ensures best securing of goods in boxes and containers as well as on flats, wagons and the like.
The very handy pneumatic tensioner allows a tireless working. Its robustness makes it very reliable and therefore under most difficult conditions it is an ideal companion. Thus it offers the best possible efficiency.

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